5 Spiders that you must know about

5 Spiders that you must know about

5 Spiders that you must know about

Pests are yet another problem to our house after all the chaos at home. No matter whether you are scared of spiders or not, sharing a house with them does not sound enticing. Did you know that there are more than 40000 species of spiders in the world? Whereas some may be harmless, some pose health risks and others may require you to call up professional pest control.

Let us take time today to learn about 5 of them.

5 Spiders to learn about

The Brazilian Wandering Spider
Compared to the North American Wolf Spider, this spider is giant and brown in color but has comparatively higher venom.

The Black Widow Spider
Black Widow Spiders are glossy, revealing, and hourglass-shaped. Their one bite can cause extreme pain lasting about 1 to 3 hours.

The Brown Recluse Spider
As their name suggests, they are brown in color with a violin-shaped design on their backside. They are similar to the black willow. If these spiders bite, then the individual will show symptoms like anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and fever.

The Six Eyed Sand Spider
Found mostly in the sandy areas of South Americas, and are cousins to Recluses. Since they have a flat position, they are also called Six Eyed Crab Spider. It is said that the bites of these spiders are really fatal to rabbits. However, bites to humans are really rare.

The Wolf Spider
Found all over in the United States, they are spiders of dark brown color with lighter stripes all over the body and have thin, long, and spiny legs. Because of their hairy body, they are frightening to some. These spiders only bite when they are provoked, and can show discomforting symptoms- however, that’s rare.

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