Cockroaches: Health Risks, Prevention And Treatment

Cockroaches: Health Risks, Prevention And Treatment

Cockroaches: Health Risks, Prevention And Treatment

Apart from the annoying presence of cockroaches, there are good reasons to get rid of them. Due to their small size, the tiny insects are not taken seriously, but these pesky pests can bring a number of severe problems for people. Some effects of having cockroaches in your home are:

  • Diseases:
    As the cockroaches often found in the garbage bins, in sink drains and toilet seats they pick up various pathogens to spread all around the surfaces where they used to walk. These pathogens cause diseases like parasitic worms, salmonella, typhoid, dysentery, poliomyelitis, gastroenteritis, etc. Among several diseases, asthma is common that happens due to roaches shed skins and feces.
  • Cockroaches Bites:
    The pesky roaches tend to bite toenails, soft skin and fingernails. Although cockroaches don’t often bite, be aware as they can enter in your body through your ear and nose while sleeping. If you are prone to allergies, cockroaches bite can be a severe problem cause rashes, sore eyes or sneezing.

Preventing Cockroaches

  • Keep your edibles covered in an airtight container and eliminate the waste food from your kitchen that attracts the cockroaches. Don’t leave the liquids in sinks or buckets.
  • Remove the garbage bins, the old stacks of newspaper, and all other forms of clutter to make your home pest free.
  • Crack, crevices, sewers, pipe drains and vents are the entryway for cockroaches. Seal all entry points to prevent pesky pests.

Cockroaches Removal

The cockroaches operate within dark areas and can live without food and water for maximum 15 days to one month. So, you must eliminate DIY techniques and contact the pest control experts. The professionals are well trained in controlling and removing the pests from your home and office.

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