3 Easy Tips To Keep The Ants At Bay

3 Easy Tips To Keep The Ants At Bay


Ants are the pesky pests that are commonly found in Canada. You can encounter them anywhere, right from the interiors to exteriors and in the yard. They invade a property in search of food and water and feed on leftovers and sweetened items. Pavement ants and house ants are the most common pest species known to infest homes.

If you have noticed ants moving around your property, it’s advised not to ignore their presence at all. Before calling professionals for assistance, try some easy preventative measures to prevent their invasion.

Here are a few simple ways to try:

  1. Eliminate water sources
    The element that readily attracts ants is water. They prefer living in moist and damp areas to keep themselves cool in the scorching heat. By not allowing the water to stagnate and by reducing moisture, the ant population can be controlled to much extent.
  2. Remove food sources
    Other than water, food is the basic necessity for the survival of ants. Keep your yard and kitchen clean to prevent these pests from crawling the kitchen walls. After preparing the meal, don’t forget to wipe down the countertops. Wash the dishes soon after you finished eating and store the food items in air-tight containers.
  3. Clean your yard often
    Yard is where you can find ants moving in clusters, lines or groups. They feed upon the dead insects and leftover or rotten fruits fallen from the trees. If you want to shoo away these pesky pests from your yard, collect the dried leaves and fallen fruits and dump them into a garbage bin. Keep the lid of the bin closed and throw away the garbage every other day.

So these were some of the easy yet effective tips in deterring the ant population from your home or office. If you are busy enough to practice these control measures, consider calling our pest exterminators at Royal Pest Control.

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