Silverfish Identification, Causes & Prevention Tips

Silverfish Identification, Causes & Prevention Tips


This nocturnal creature usually roams in your premises late at night in search of food and water. Silverfish have flat bodies make them easy to squeeze into the smallest cracks and crevices to hide. Though they are harmless to humans and pets, their presence disturbs us.

Silverfish is a natural disaster for books, clothing and for anything that contains starch. They are slow to invade your belongings, but once they have infested your home, it will become challenging to remove them.

Why Silverfish Infest Your Home?

Silverfish invade your home due to the abundance of food and lack of predators. Moreover, your home has several dark and damp hiding places for them to live and breed.

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish Infestation?

  • Food Sources & Cleanliness
    Keep the flour, pasta, cereals, and pet foods in airtight containers. Vacuum carpets, floor and upholstery furniture regularly.
  • Dry Water Sources
    Use the dehumidifiers in damp basements. Keep your exterior cracks caulked and painted. Make sure your gutters and downspout are free of debris and landscaping graded to allow water to drain away from your premises.
  • Use Of Essential Oils
    Silverfish can’t bear the smell of lemon and lavender. Use the mixture of lemon and lavender oil to spray where you expect the silverfish presence.

So, here you have a guide to get rid of the irritating creature. If you need professionals help reach us at Royal Pest Control in Brampton. Our team of exterminators provide a safe, effective and durable solution. Call us to get a free estimate.

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