Stay Aware From 3 Ant Species Commonly Available Around You

Stay Aware From 3 Ant Species Commonly Available Around You

Stay Aware From 3 Ant Species Commonly Available Around You

Whether you find the ants in your home or outside, these are unwanted always. The most annoying fact about the ants these are quick breeders and grow their quantity so soon. However, the main motive of all ants is to find a place to live nearby the adequate source of food.

Anytime you can throw anything on the floor, you will find a number of ants gathered there. Ants seem same in size or colour but they are distinct in nature. Not every ant type is dangerous, but you can’t determine which is less dangerous. So, it is always advisable to stay away from the ants. Let you know about three most common ant species so that you can make a distance from them and keep yourself safe.

  • Odorous House Ant: Mostly found in the home, this ants type has brown to blackish color. These mostly attract to sugar, this is why they frequently stay in the kitchen around sugar container. Additionally, these ant types live in the lining of walls. These ant species are called odour because they release a smell of rotten fruit when you killed them off.
  • Carpenter Ants:It is one of the dangerous ant types that have no desire to mingle with humans at any cost. These are mostly found outside of your home in the yard living by creating different colonies. As a result, these make you difficult to conduct any picnic or party in the garden area.
  • Pavement Ants:The pavement ants are smaller in size as compared to others and easily found outside or inside of your home. These are not picky, just want to scour the food. The unique feature of these ants is, instead of disliking the human they simply fight with each other over the food.

    No matter, the ants are dangerous or not but they are just spoiling your food items. Moreover, they are deteriorating your lifestyle, so simply hire pest exterminators at Royal Pest Control and get the right solution to get rid of any ant species.

So, in order to prevent your home from unwanted pest, you can hire the specialists. Get in touch with Royal Pest Control available 24/7 offering free estimates to residential and commercial clients.

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